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  2. A Note on the Design Change

    Hi guys, I was an early backer and I just had a few questions. 1) I ordered the low top version, in its current state, with the screen only taking up a portion of the available area on the high top, does this mean that on the low top it will take up all of the area between the sole and the top of the shoe? 2) When you have finalised the length of the screen, how will this translate on to the larger size shoes? For instance, if the screen has a length of 5 inches on a smaller shoe, will the screen be made bigger on a larger shoe to take this in to account or will it be left at that smaller size causing to to not wrap on to the front? Keep up the good work though guys, the communication could always be better but as long as we know where you're at in the design process, the majority of us will be happy!
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  4. How about some communications with backers?

    I'm glad shoe size is not final yet because that would suck for kids who want one and I'm curious to see a kids version vs a adult version also a woman's version just for sure curiosity that's all
  5. Seth's Birthday

    Happy belated Birthday!
  6. A Note on the Design Change

    Wil we be able to give you guys the shoe size and color somewhere in the future because my feet are getting bigger and I don't really want shoes that are to small for me
  7. A Note on the Design Change

    I only have one question, do we can we send the information like size en color again just before the release. Because there probably are a lot of people like me that grown there foots or want a diffrent color.
  8. A Note on the Design Change

    I for one am pleased with the progress. The shoe should be a little bit more like the original design, in terms of position of the screen. The screen as it is in the prototype is a bit too squareshaped in my opinion. I really loved the shape the screen had on the original concept. The screen blended in with the form of the shoe. Don't make the screen look like a sticker. Make sure the shoe and screen are one. Keep up the good work!
  9. Update - November 2016

    I never said I don't belive allspice I said was I lost hope ,HOPE being my wife she was the first to ever get breastimplants off the howard stern show ,she was a wonderful wife and great humanitarian an over angel with a heart of gold who will be greatly missed ,her size 12 sneaker was kinda the backbone to many of my inside jokes to her an now hearing the reality of actually getting them a few more so from now can only bring me solace to remeber a women. I loved an how happy she will be looking down. On us wearing them as we shock the world with fashion mixed with swagger like mic jagger ,this is my last attempt to belive in the boy who cries wolf the next time the carrots set up for the cage trap will be set for the ones who thought they tricked those who wanted to belive in the cell phone that can call God,stop tring to understand things you know nothing about it do know this much decent people who trust an belive in the impossible because they want to dream big those who try an trick them will be rewarded greatly when they find themselves caught in thier own Web of lies an lawyers other words read the fine print ,won't matter when the judges who is the only real one who can judge brings about judgement day,GOOD DAY tic tick tic to know times running out shiftwear make good or start begging for forgiveness sounds simple enough ,it's not just about making promises to people who have limited time left on this planet ,those are the first to whisper in the ears of the ones who bring about change...God bless the USA
  10. Hardware Update - October 2016

    Like I said my wife is dead ,she lost her battle to lung cancer ,yes I tried to make light of my plight by covering up my pain an sorrow threw satire mixed with dark comedy hoping to get my point across on how building some ones hopes an dreams of handing over a taste of the future of fashion mixed with shoes her 2 favorite things would have only help ease her mental pain an lifted her spirits which also would have helped my 2 son's be able to see thier mother smile once more threw a simple material possession before leaving this earth for good which even just the YouTube video of the shiftwear sneakers an the printout of the order from indigo go campaign got us as close as it could get without actually putting them on her feet ,we even thought it threw so far as to have images of her in some past 5 k marathons or birthdays of past playing as she was laid out for the wake at her funneral.An neither nor nothing of the sort ever happened because even after long lengthy posts here in the "community forums "an also emails to Dave's facebook our family never heard back from anyone ,so to stay positive,yes we try ,stay patient yes we try ,an stay backing a relationship where it's seems your just talking to yourself at some point you just give up an feel as if you being played a fool.check my past posts ,I'm 99% positive on my belief in your idea of this possible reality ,I even to into consideration dumping thousands into this company if it ever pulled this seemingly impossible task off an actually going public on the stockmarket,I owe a few stores around the nyc area where I could have easily sectioned off an area to showcase these speakers an any other products part of shiftwear (t-shirts hats ect..)to help grow an be part of this dream come true ,so for you to say ,only positive comments ,or only those who are on our team allowed to remain in our community is totally unfair because area residents far as I'm concerned I have done my part an beyond in this one sided relationship,to not only even get a response back for any ideas or positive comments I might have added and not to have ever even gotten a response or a simple ,hey good idea thanks for contributing ,they only time I heard back from anyone was when I tried to buy more sneakers an that also was anyone's brief encounter only to never hear back from anyone again anyone after at I wholeheartedly disagree with anyone's expressing thier feelings on how thier being treated after we turned over our hard earned cold cash to helping this company envision this dream,at that time thier was only a few of us total members as part of this community,shit thier was only a few of us even posting trying to get something going here ,but yet silence ,an even now tring to silence those of us who are just expressing our dissatisfaction with they way we have been treated ,well that's just distasteful an disrespectful,so from here on out ALL comments shall remain without fear of being thrown out of a community we built with our hard earned cash will not be tolerated an if you think I'm kidding I can show you how quickly the Roman Empire can tumble an you will all be back to Where you once came from making PEPPERONI put that in your pipe an smoke it .Nothing to laugh about in any of this whole situation,yes we all understand your trying to create something great which one day might very well be very profitable an bring many of us the FIRST BACKERS who believed in your dream along with you FIRST along for the ride, an we can all walk off into the sunset together in our Awsomely amazing shiftwear sneakers ,but until then answer us all of our product related questions such as if one wants a refund ,how do we get one with interest,that surly shouldnt fall under the need to keep top secret about the product design category ,yet that seems to fall on deaf ears everytime it's asked ,an how about letting one of the faithful on the oppositeside of this scale weigh in to the backers to be a medium where as they can sympathize with what the backers have been threw an help resolve any issues they may have ,well I feel I have said enough for now please don't test my abilities to make the castle crumble cause just like wiki leeks some of us have very important friends in high places who have nothing better to do then put rights to where thiers been done wrongs..anyway hope you all have enjoyed my piece of mind now that I have gotten that off my chest I expect a quick an courteous response to my post with hopefully some resolution to these issues that plague us the BACKERS without us thier would be no SHIFTWEAR remeber that...DEEWHITERAPPER@AOL.COM...... OUT
  11. A Note on the Design Change

    The problem with this explanation (and analogy) is that it fails to mention the research that is needed (and should have been done, but seems was not done completely - hell, without having done research, I was already skeptical when I first saw them about how the screens would be flexible yet maintain integrity from wear and tear) before creating such a design. No, you wouldn't go about creating all sort of prototypes first if you don't have the money for it, but you WOULD research what is possible. Now maybe you were guessing that the technology would come out sooner than it has, but frankly, I think that's a dangerous gamble to make given how much money you were asking from people. I'm ok with changes in the design and understand that the prototype is just that, nothing final. However, like everyone else I think the new design is significantly less than what we paid for. I want to see more screen, less material on the sides of the shoe. Right now, it looks like more material, less screen. The whole point of the shoe is to showcase your choice of art to significantly change the look of the shoe. The current design on the front page looks more like just flair rather than really changing the look as a whole. I'm even willing to wait another year to get close to the original design. I'm in no rush. But I don't want a short-changed version of the shoes I invested hundreds of dollars in.
  12. A Note on the Design Change

    My turn,ok I'd like my large pepperoni pizza please an if it's not here within 30 minutes an hot I want it for free..I'm not even kidding at this point I'll take a freakin pizza cause I know I'm not getting these sneakypete sneakers ,my wife whom I originally bought them for thinking I'd get them before xmas few years back has lost her battle with lung cancer ,she fought like a champion an on her death bed whispered to me her dying last words ,fuck the sneakers just give me the pepperoni pizza ..thanks for nothing shiftwear,maybe now I can wear these pizzas on my feet as I'm on my way to kick Dave in his snakeoil salesmen sillyAss ..yea the snapchats glasses are cheap crappie garbage with impossible software to navigate but at least they deliver on time...oh well another paperweight I spent 500 bucks on what's next ,I have a pet rock I'm selling who need one??
  13. Order

    Hi, I'm interested in phase 2 but have some questions. How will you get my shoe size and the color I want?
  14. Screen Brightness

    I'm thinking they will incorporate back light because I asked them if the screen will heat up the feet for long term use and they mention that there is a mechanic in the shoe to prevent it. So I belive they do but I'm not them
  15. A Note on the Design Change

    How thick is the screen when placed on the shoes does it look like a shoe with Hella padding or looks like it's flushed to to the shoe to the point it is hardly recognizable?
  16. A Note on the Design Change

    Back again with some questions.... is there a huge glare on the screen when out on the sun and will both shoes interact with each other ex..... fish pond and shoe A has one fish and shoe B doesn't. Will fish A be able to transfer to other shoe seamlessly and will there be a bit lag doing so? Basically both shoes acting as one image or video.
  17. A Note on the Design Change

    As we move forward we will be offering multiple designs. The all black version you are referring to will be one of them. So the answer is yes Drigz
  18. A Note on the Design Change

    I saw the new all black design on the new website and I really like it. If we ordered the black from indiegogo, is this what we will be receiving? If not, can I possibly change to the all black design?
  19. A Note on the Design Change

    SkyDragon, The shoe feels no different from a traditional high top sneaker. We've yet to do long-term comfort testing, but that will be addressed in coming iterations. Heat will not be an issue as that's monitored and regulated by the electronics. Insoles are interchangeable, there's no difficulty swapping them out. That is a cool idea! We're happy to implement features like this into our software. Make sure to check out the forum section where you can contribute new features. -NJ
  20. A Note on the Design Change

    This just a suggestion for the app but it would be nice to draw an record the drawing you made and play it as a loop for the shoe. I think that would be awesome to pull off because more people will stick around to look at them and be more interested in the shoes.
  21. A Note on the Design Change

    Last questions for today, hows the comfort level of the shoe? Has any of you guys test it for hours on end and felt discomfort while wearing it? Will the insole be removable so people who need different insoles will be able to switch without having any tear? Does the screen heats up on continues usage and does that affect the feet like burning? Ps thanks for the response......good luck!
  22. A Note on the Design Change

    SkyDragon, Thanks for the suggestion! The display portion of the shoe is very scratch resistant - my best approximate comparison is a car window. As for the fabric, we will assess resistance to scuffing/creasing when we upgrade to more advanced materials (the prototype on our website is sport leather, our current version is quite a bit stiffer). I've made note of your interest in showcasing our materials; we'll add this to our next video update. -NJ
  23. A Note on the Design Change

    SkyDragon, As of now there is battery charge indication on the app only. If the community would also like this on the shoe, we can add it into the design. Each pair will come with a wireless charging dock; this will be demonstrated in an upcoming hardware update, so stay on the lookout for that. -NJ
  24. A Note on the Design Change

    In the plans you made you guys said it will be durable. Could you show us the durability of the screen for scratches also show the people who ordered the white shoe that it won't get scuffed on the non screen portion. The main reason I choose the black one is because it won't be noticeable if you accidentally scuff or scratch those shoes then the white ones.
  25. A Note on the Design Change

    Well, its a shame that you're selectively answering the easy questions and leaving behind true concerns and fair questions. I've reached your support asking for a refund and the answer is just, we won't according to the T&C. You keep skipping all those who are asking for a refund. So for the sake of good communications and community building, answer directly to the ugly questions and requests. Don't ignore them and, please, coordinate with your support team to talk about that rewards packages you're mentioning,. Here in the board you are just covering with words all other comments. Commenting on the favorable opinions is really easy. I'm choosing a refund right now just because you guys are just giving vague answers about the final aspect of the product. How about showing the prototype with backlight off which is part of the original proposal? Only now you're indirectly saying final product will be very close to the original. How close? Only now you're saying there will be compensation, or "rewards" but never saying what will happen to those are not satisfied. Please, be clear, direct, set a course of actions, manage expectations, inform us plan B, C, D. When are we choosing new models? When final aspect of the models will be defined? I have no other option than asking for a refund if your answers keep vague. Just tell us directly: Original design is no longer possible. A very close version is posible and will be delivered. Thats what I want to hear if its true. Could you please be clear? Thanks.
  26. A Note on the Design Change

    On a side note not referring to the shoe concept but how the charging of the shoe doing? Is there like a wireless dock to charge them at home or it doesn't need to charge from a base cause of the self charging from walking? And is there like a indicator on the shoe to tell you how much battery is left on the shoes or is it just on the app?
  27. A Note on the Design Change

    Somebody needs to grab their blankie and go back to their "safe space." SW Team, take the time you need to get it right. There are a LOT of angry kids on here, don't sweat it or let it get to you. As long as the display wraps around the back, and is a little taller, more towards the front I'd be fine with it otherwise. I for one understand the meaning of a prototype, it is just that, a demonstration of the tech not a finished product. Keep pressing on despite the naysayers, you'll never please everyone no matter what you do.
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