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  2. Prototype Update - January 2017

    The new shoes on the new site look nothing like the prototype. When the prototype was revealed here, it was stated that the original design is currently impossible, as you could not get a screen that would behave in the required manner. Specifically, it was written: "A screen spanning the whole shoe IS possible and IS on the horizon. We have experimented with dozens of display technologies and many of them are suitable for constructing a product that looks and acts like the original concept. The limiting factor is that it can not yet perform like a shoe ..." There are two possibilities. One is that the above claim was incorrect, and the shoe was possible - this seems very unlikely. The second is that the new shoes are still impossible using current technology, as was stated in this forum, but they are being advertised on the new site as if they can be made. This seems to be highly questionable, given that they have already acknowledged that it can't be done, yet are taking orders on the new site for something they've acknowledged that they can't do.
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  4. Prototype Update - January 2017

    So they made a new blog so people cant speak the truth about how terrible the communication is with ShiftWear? Not cool. I believe the money is gone, but I'm still keeping tabs on this forum. Maybe just maybe, one day I'll have the coolest kicks on the block.
  5. Prototype Update - January 2017

    Ya u r right! It's not shit were talking...we r just speaking the truth.
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  7. Prototype Update - January 2017

    They moderate comments on the blog, so no negative talk, to sucker more people in...
  8. Prototype Update - January 2017

    Well the unexpected thing happened today... shiftwear sent me an email telling me about where to go for update and news. . Their saying that their back on track lol. And that they need 12 more mouths to Deliver. So I guess my question is to us backers, do we stick here or do we move to the new at
  9. Prototype Update - January 2017

    Exactly the same feeling I have also
  10. That's absolutely incredible what these people afford. They delete any negative comment on each platform. All this sounds like fraud. A real company answers all questions whether positive or negative.I'll say goodbye to all of you that this forum will be closed with certainty soon.
  11. Prototype Update - January 2017

    And they're now deleting all the negative comments on IGG! I guess here will be next...
  12. I bet your comment will never be approved jolly67... That's why David has moved to announcements on the blog, so he can moderate comments! Matt
  13. Prototype Update - January 2017

    Yeah, looks like they've moved to the blog announcements in order to moderate comments! Can't have people telling it like it is eh, how would they continue their scam! Matt
  14. Prototype Update - January 2017

    Thx for letting us know... I just think it's bull*@#! That they keep moving from blog to blog. A Source of communication without letting anyone know bout it. They could of done the May 2017 update here letting everyone know about where to go for our latest Communication. Using (communication) Lightly.
  15. Prototype Update - January 2017

    Looks like there's an update here: I like how they called out their bad communication again.
  16. I logged in and left a comment directly.
  17. New web side online and no information for the backers. Scammers scammers scammers !!!
  18. Prototype Update - January 2017

    That vixole website looks very similar. I think they started a whole new company with their new found fortune. The video even looks like it was filmed in NYC. ShiftWear claims to have their store there.
  19. A Note on the Design Change

    So far I've backed 4 things on IGG - they've all gone the same way as this. I'm boycotting the platform from now on. Granted all I've funded have gone over delivery but at least the others give updates. Seriously beyond a joke.
  20. Submit a Complaint to the BBB

    Thanks, I'll fill it in right now.
  21. It's over isn't it?

    Sorry, my english is not that good - what are you expecting from this?
  22. The only thing we can do is wait and hope. Like we've been doing since the beginning.
  23. *Pay $250 now & $250 before delivery later this year no longer working towards the original design but still due for delivery later this year?
  24. ...but there's no screen on the shoes
  25. $500 bucks for the L2!! Jebus
  26. A Note on the Design Change

    Reported as 'This is not a real product for sale'
  27. A Note on the Design Change

    Store , Something happened 😳
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