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  2. Not what I expected

    And YOU need to look at the Indiegogo page for this campaign! Directly below the video, it clearly states: "They are pre-rendered images of the final product" Not "They are pre-rendered images of the CONCEPT"
  3. Not what I expected

    Think again. I ordered the Limited Edition and am now concerned that I'll receive the same "cell phone" screen as is on the prototype. At least you didn't pay $1000! BTW, I have asked in two different threads and directly to George about the screen size for the Limited Edition and have received no response. I admit being a bit concerned at this stage.
  4. A Note on the Design Change Jan 23, Almost a month ago.
  5. A Note on the Design Change

    I think they said August/Nov 2017
  6. prototypes

    There is no need for multiple prototypes: the sneaker is the easy part. The purpose of the prototype was for the screen & related circuitry/ integration. The differences(if any) between implementation of the screen/circuitry into the hi-top and the low/med sneaker are few and pose no real problems.
  7. A Note on the Design Change

    Curious where this regular communication you said would be happening actually is...its now been 1 month since last update and I don't see any questions being answered either...would be nice to get the communication you promised let alone the shoe you had promised on Indiegogo
  8. Communication is as bad as last year, so nothing has changed.
  9. A Note on the Design Change

    Shftwear doesn't care what questions are asked here !
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  11. prototypes

    why do you only have a prototype for the high top sneaker? you are also have to have a low and medium sneaker
  12. Happy Holidays

    Happy Valentine's day. Keep looking forward never back...look ahead, and smile!
  13. A Note on the Design Change

    I don't like your chances of getting a response, all the staff have 'last visited' dates of around the 19th January It's looking worse every day...
  14. A Note on the Design Change

    can we know when it will be delivered
  15. A Note on the Design Change

    Are we getting an update this month??
  16. A Note on the Design Change

    " The limiting factor is that it can not yet perform like a shoe - display technology has come a long way, but can not yet withstand the repeated creasing that occurs in the front of a sneaker. That being said, we are pursuing methods that will allow for this degree of bending that we can incorporate into the final product. For this version, we had two options: reduce the screen size to cover a less volatile area or harden the entire shoe. We tried both and, with much deliberation, decided to press on with the more functional, affordable, and durable of the two designs. As technology improves, our design will upgrade and evolve towards the original concept." Someone pointed out this major flaw in this project months ago. Back then, NJneering said it was just a matter of technique that 'other companies' hadn't figured out. Newsflash: Shitfwear and NJsneering haven't figured it out either, and are now telling the truth (well, to some extent). This prototype isn't what we paid for. Vixole have already beaten Shiftwear to this form factor (and, depending on whether they have filed a patent for it, can sue Shiftwear for infringement). What a shif-test this is turning out to be.
  17. How about some communications with backers?

    Thank you for that.. appreciate this...
  18. No one will get a refund. This is here to read on the homepage: Pre-orders are final and non-refundable upon receipt by ShiftWear of the corresponding payment as we will have to produce and assemble materials needed to fulfil your order. and as such cannot issue refunds. However, refunds will be issued if the pre-ordered products and Services are deemed by ShiftWear as undeliverable and to the extent of available assets for refund. This is probably also true of the Indiegogo backers.
  19. Not what I expected

    We understand what a "concept" is. Giving us a release date for the shoe in conjunction with that design has led a lot of backers to believe that is what was going to be shipped, and I don't blame anyone that believed that. There is a reason for the backlash, if there was any doubt as to the release then there shouldn't have been a date at all. In my opinion there should have been detailed updates of the progress with out any deadline, but Shiftwear wants to keep everything under wraps so no one gets a leg up from their designs. Getting investors/backers without step by step progress updates is rough and is a very dangerous plan to stick to. I hope it works out in the end but I can't say I'm not annoyed at the planning so far...
  20. Not what I expected

    No refunds unless the team decides they can't put out the shoes. Also if you read their post their said there will be a few different options for you to pick from with the screen size. One of them being the original design.
  21. Not what I expected

    I too have been requesting a refund through 10 emails, 2 postings in two different forums. If this is the customer service the original backers are to expect, this is really sad. Also, I don't even see the L1's advertised anywhere which I would imagine would have an even smaller screen with the new prototype .. For these reason all I am asking is why can't I get an answer if we can get refunded or not?
  22. How about some communications with backers?

    Hey George, Thank you for the update but I've sent you guys at least 10 emails to Dave and the support team here. I've posted in General Discussion. What of those that just don't want to wait anymore? Can someone please, please answer me. Are refunds being made available or are we to just wait? Thank you in Advance....
  23. A Note on the Design Change

    I feel like I've been waiting for these shoes for over 2 years, how long has it been? How much longer should it take? How much longer before people start screaming, demanding refunds? As long as I get my really cool looking pair of shoes, the ones I paid for on Indiegogo then I have nothing but praise for the ShiftWear team. The website still says "Expecting to ship Fall 2016" So my question is, when do we expect to ship Now?
  24. A Note on the Design Change

    To , shiftwear team , As I can see the comments and suggestion , (good and bad ) atlast I feel happy that you have come out with some output , which really looks sleek & nice . It's best till date and I want it ASAP . You all have done a nice job , keep it up its true that it's not at all resembling to the privious design , but it's worth buying as this the 1st on its on . When people start talking against you ... then you are making progress All the best team shiftwear ...
  25. fatalerror.JPG

    From the album Error screen.

  26. Link to Forums?

    I couldn't find one either- It's probably to separate PR/advertising from the forum of all the people that already know about the shoe/have a vested interest.
  27. A Note on the Design Change

    I don't know why everyone is complaining. We all mostly backed just because the shoe had a fricken hd screen on it. I personally like the new design way more than the original. My only regret is that the screen is only half the shoes side instead of the full side like in the teaser. Give them time. And maybe, just maybe. We'll all be happy in the end. Ps. When can we be expecting the shoe? Please give a time you can actually back up when it comes.
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