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  1. Update - November 2016

    Hey backers, We want to address all of your comments, thoughts, and worries in one big update, along with the latest news on our progress. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to deliver the ShiftWear sneakers in December as we had originally planned. Creating a wearable tech project is immensely challenging and working with multiple parties has been something we’ve been learning to master. We’d love to give you an exact date, but it’s important to work with our partners to finalize our timeline first. We can assure you we will not turn into an indiegogo project which takes 3+ years to deliver (or fail to deliver at all). We love the opportunity you’ve given us to create these shoes and we’ll continue to find unconventional and nontraditional means to produce this awesome product, in the shortest time possible. Our biggest priority is to ensure the quality of this product is not sacrificed. For us it is about the right partnerships and execution to ensure we end up successfully launching and satisfying you as the end user, especially our loyal backers. We are dead set on creating a sneaker that will allow you to display high-quality, high-definition, crisp images and designs. We believe this will offer users more in terms of what they can do with it. This process will inevitably take longer than developing a low resolution product. Where are we with the product development? Our footwear prototype is in final stages and we’ve been working on the cosmetics so it can be unveiled next month. Our mobile app is in its beta form and is going through bug testing. Will you be opening pre-orders again?* Next month we’ll be releasing a new website showcasing the design & features of the final prototype. On the website you’ll also be able to pre-order and join the community. *Note: We won’t be accepting any new pre-orders until we’ve published media and filmed content of the working prototypes. When can we see prototype images? Next month on our new website we’ll be posting a variety of real images of the working prototype. We’ll also be posting this content on our community. Some of you have commented on wanting other options of ShiftWear shoes – i.e an all-black or all-white version. We’ve got plenty of plans to release things like this, so don’t worry We’ll be taking your feedback on board as we go as well. We’ve also got additional features lined up for the sneakers which we haven’t announced to the public yet. We’re also very excited to announce that in early 2017, you’ll be able to own a piece of Shiftwear Corp with an investment from as low as $100. You’ll be able to own a piece of the industry and benefit from our growth & success. More information to be released in January, if you’d like to stay updated please join our newsletter (signup can be found on our website). Finally, we can’t say enough how much we value your support and patience. We know we haven’t been great at communicating and there’s only so many times that we can apologize for this. None of this would of been possible without your support and we’ll be revealing some exclusive rewards in 2017 for our Indiegogo backers. Thanks, Zack
  2. Help pls!

    Hey Navin - if you can send a quick email to with your email address, name on order & pledge ID our team can help you
  3. when is the all white shoes coming out

    This hasn't been confirmed yet but we'll release this on the community when it's set.
  4. when is the all white shoes coming out

    They were a limited edition Indiegogo option. We'll announce when these will be available for general release.
  5. Mobile App Concept Designs

    Please vote for your favourite mobile design concept - we look forward to reading your comments. (Please click on the links to watch the design in motion.) Concept 1 Click here to watch the design in motion. Concept 2 Click here to watch the design in motion. Concept 3 Click here to watch the design in motion.
  6. Indiegogo Pre-order question

    They'll be getting dispatched December 2016...
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