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  1. Prototype Update - January 2017

    I was actually intent on just letting the development run its course and stop being disappointed with every late update that doesn't fulfill what you promised before. Let me be clear, it's not that I think you've created a bad product, I wouldn't even say I overpaid. In fact I think your prototype in itself looks great and with a little more work on the design it is certainly worth the amount I backed. So under other circumstances I would feel happy about your prototype, be a little sad about the, let's face it, very small screen, but I'd still look forward to finally meet these shoes in person. But your constant miscommunication and repeatedly broken promises have completely taken away any joy I would feel about the unveiling of this prototype. And now you have the nerve to start a second wave of pre-orders with significantly smaller screens without even adressing this issue once in your update. If it's technologically not possible to achieve a screen that looks like the campaign images, then why for heaven's sake don't you simply write that in your update?! Do you honestly expect your backers would not notice and cheer for this amazingly not shoe-covering screen? I said it before and I'll say it again: It's not the shoe, it's your permanent blatant miscommunication you keep or rather don't keep with your backers, that has now almost completely killed off my enthusiasm for this project. I'm sorry for this radical post, but I have posted multiple nice versions of this throughout the development, but they have apparently all been fruitless. In four words: Great shoes, horrible communication. Aram Becker
  2. Well, I've officially run out of patience. I'm Sorry, but this setting of deadlines that are completely ignored is pretty much useless. I get that you have to work hard (although I have yet to see any proof of that), but what is the point in setting a date if you postpone it several months every single time. I could live with that, if you actually said that, and why you push back the date, but you seem to simply stop writing anything, maybe because you realize you can't keep the date. I don't know if you have anything like a prototype, and honestly, I don't care anymore. I mean, I push back deadlines all the time, but then I don't have a Website, an Announcement Channel or any Backers that are eagerly waiting for promised updates. I don't know what is so hard about stating your real progress and if there is none, fine, that's the risk of backing a campaign without a finished prototype. I've been waiting for anything that shows me that there is still hope for these awesome shoes for long enough now, I will no longer anticipate the release, that'd just make me angry every time you don't post an update. Who knows, maybe the shoes will just show up at my door some day. Over 'n out, Aram Becker
  3. So I've just looked through this topic and saw that in may (IN MAY!) you told us there would be a prototype coming out in the next couple of months. What I understand to be a couple of months is something like 3 or 4, maybe even 5. It's been 8 months now and all we got is an early proof of concept which proofs that flexible HD E-ink Displays exist. In itself that's awesome, but let's face it, it's not a shoe. Unfortunately this process of pushing back deadlines and not delivering what was promised is not an exception to your usual behaviour. You seem to have made it a habit to delay most if not all your updates up to a point where the first angry posts roll in and then there's 2 months radio silence before you unpack an update that doesn't live up to what you promised, but seems to be enough to quiet your backers. So what I would like to see is simply more honesty about your progress and deadlines and less excuses. The explanation for not showing the prototype because of company secrets is, excuse my language, complete bullshit. I don't see how showing a sneaker with a screen gives away any more secrets than showing just the screen itself. I mean, you already showcased your 3D-Renders and if the prototype looks similar to that, where's the problem? I'm just as excited as you are about this project becoming reality, but it'd be great if you just told us where you're at. I'm completely fine with delays and could even live with a shipping date scheduled at the end of next year, but some clarity would be nice. Even if it is you saying: "We don't have a prototype, sorry, and we have no idea how long it's gonna take", at least I would know what is really happening. For the sake of your backers, please just give us one honest update. I still believe in the project but you're making it very hard for me to hang onto that belief. Best regards, Aram Becker
  4. Prototype video

    I can understand that you want to keep the exact design and technology inside the shoes a secret to other companies out there. What I cannot understand is how you are planning to move over to mass production and shipping in December if you haven't got a complete working prototype. If you had one, I don't see the problem of a simple short video showing different images on a shoe-shaped E-ink screen, just like in the pre-rendered trailer. The delayed release date is fine, I didn't expect it in October, things like this take time. But the path this seems to take now is a release in another years time and we can use the fully developed, beautiful app to decide on an image printed to the sneakers because the display didn't work out.
  5. Mobile App Concept Designs

    I'd go for #1 but just because I'm a fan of dark minimal designs (it'd fit the android ui standards very good) #2 Is too bright for me, because I like using my phone at night without going blind hence have everything I can set to dark. #3 is beautiful and innovative bit just not practical. But how does it help you to have a fully polished, nice looking UI when u don't even have the technology To do anything with it? Or do you, because all I'm seeing now is an expensive office in Times Square...