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  1. It's over isn't it?

    A lawsuit would not be within my ability to initiate, but I did post a link to file a complaint with the BBB in a General Discussion thread.
  2. Submit a Complaint to the BBB

    The complaint form does not require your street address and does not specifically state you need to be a U.S. resident to file. As far as I'm concerned, if you have payed for a product you have not received then it is well within your right to contact the proper authorities. In this case I would assume the BBB is the organization to contact "because" it is based in America. Although, if you have an equivalent organization or service in your country I recommend contacting them with an inquiry on the problem in addition to the complaint with the BBB.
  3. Submit a Complaint to the BBB

    To all of those that are still following these dead forums I recommend submitting a complaint to the BBB. https://www.bbb.org/new-york-city/business-reviews/shoes-custom-made/shiftwear-corp-in-new-city-ny-166188 You can find it in the link, and please make sure to be as detailed and level-headed as possible with your explanation. I had a hard time correcting the street address as the first person to file a complaint got it wrong, the BBB aren't easy to get a hold of. If we file enough complaints we may actually get somewhere. Thanks.
  4. It's over isn't it?

    It's obvious this isnt going where we wanted it to, and I feel bad for the people who are still ordering without access to the forums. Heck I don't think these forums are available to anyone who visits the new site at all. I still visit these forums regularly, so if we don't hear anything by the end of June Ill be in contact with the BBB to see if we have a case against Shiftwear. I didn't want this to get that far but we may not have a choice.
  5. Looking for alternative ways to contact staff

    I wonder when they were let go from the company?
  6. Looking for alternative ways to contact staff

    Thanks for the detective work. I'm sure Shiftwear will get back to us at some point but I hope it isn't more bad news.
  7. A Note on the Design Change

    Agreed, I understand we won't be seeing the shoes anytime soon. I just want some communication at this point.
  8. Correspondence from George

    I wonder if everyone at Shiftwear was told not to communicate with the forums or if they just chose not to. If they were told not to, does that mean George could get into serious trouble for messaging you?
  9. Correspondence from George

    Almost sounds like Nike wants to buy out the company. We will see how this turns out, but Im staying apprehensive.
  10. A Note on the Design Change

    I can live with the design change, but the problem is communication. These guys think they can just do what they want, when they want, and they don't have to answer to anyone. That's a problem. We, "Investors" made the company right along with the guys on staff. I also have a problem with making us feel like we have a say in anything. when we obviously don't. I get every great product starts somewhere, but we didn't even see the "prototype" until the shoe was due to release. That's a problem. From an "investors" perspective I want out and many feel the same way.
  11. How about some communications with backers?

    That method isnt viable for those of us that payed through the Shiftwear website directly. I have to say it was a smart idea to pull people away from indiegogo so they dont have to be held accountable for taking off with all the cash. I cant even be mad, I was straight duped.
  12. Not what I expected

    We understand what a "concept" is. Giving us a release date for the shoe in conjunction with that design has led a lot of backers to believe that is what was going to be shipped, and I don't blame anyone that believed that. There is a reason for the backlash, if there was any doubt as to the release then there shouldn't have been a date at all. In my opinion there should have been detailed updates of the progress with out any deadline, but Shiftwear wants to keep everything under wraps so no one gets a leg up from their designs. Getting investors/backers without step by step progress updates is rough and is a very dangerous plan to stick to. I hope it works out in the end but I can't say I'm not annoyed at the planning so far...
  13. Link to Forums?

    I've been looking for a link to the forums from the new site design, and I can't find one. Am I just crazy? Is there a reason for removing it?
  14. Seth's Birthday

    Happy belated Birthday!
  15. A Note on the Design Change

    I just took a second look at the videos, and I can see how that crease could be a problem. Why not extend the screen above that crease instead, leaving an acute angled space for the crease. At least with the high-tops it wont be too big of a deal because of the extra space.