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  1. How about some communications with backers?

    That method isnt viable for those of us that payed through the Shiftwear website directly. I have to say it was a smart idea to pull people away from indiegogo so they dont have to be held accountable for taking off with all the cash. I cant even be mad, I was straight duped.
  2. Not what I expected

    We understand what a "concept" is. Giving us a release date for the shoe in conjunction with that design has led a lot of backers to believe that is what was going to be shipped, and I don't blame anyone that believed that. There is a reason for the backlash, if there was any doubt as to the release then there shouldn't have been a date at all. In my opinion there should have been detailed updates of the progress with out any deadline, but Shiftwear wants to keep everything under wraps so no one gets a leg up from their designs. Getting investors/backers without step by step progress updates is rough and is a very dangerous plan to stick to. I hope it works out in the end but I can't say I'm not annoyed at the planning so far...
  3. Link to Forums?

    I've been looking for a link to the forums from the new site design, and I can't find one. Am I just crazy? Is there a reason for removing it?
  4. Seth's Birthday

    Happy belated Birthday!
  5. A Note on the Design Change

    I just took a second look at the videos, and I can see how that crease could be a problem. Why not extend the screen above that crease instead, leaving an acute angled space for the crease. At least with the high-tops it wont be too big of a deal because of the extra space.
  6. A Note on the Design Change

    I am glad you guys at Shiftwear have decided to include the community more in your development, but that does not excuse the missed December of 2016 deadline for shoe release. If there was a problem creating the advertised shoes then we should have been made aware of it a long time ago, instead we have been left to believe the development was going steadily in that direction with just a few hiccups along the way. If you want constructive criticism then all I have to say is that the original design is far superior to the prototype that has been shown in nearly every way. I am shocked that we are only now being asked to help with design direction. If you are asking for constructive criticism on the prototype shoe itself then I would say the screen needs to be worked into the shoe more naturally. It looks like a whole was cut in the side to make room for the screen, and that just looks bad. The screen could also be extended to the beginning of the little toe may be a little shorter. I don't see that much creasing as I walk in that area unless it has something to do with the material you guys are using. That's all I really have for now.
  7. A Note on the Design Change

    I am not happy. That's not right, I am disappointed. We will not be getting the shoe we were advertised back in the beginning of 2016 and Shiftwear will get away with this design change because we were promised a shoe with a screen in the fine print, nothing else. I understand you guys are limited by today's technology, but this underhanded bait-and-switch technique didn't have to go down like this. All we needed was some communication. I expect my underdeveloped shoes very soon nick...
  8. Prototype Update - January 2017

    If this is an "early stage prototype," can I assume there are newer versions closer to the advertised shoes shown early on? Either way I feel this prototype reveal fell flat, especially considering they hype built up from the constant delays. Not only that but the 2nd wave of preorders has been announced but the first wave of preorderees havent been notified when we can expect our shoes...? I want to believe in you Shiftwear but my confidence in you is wavering. I would very much like to hear when we can expect our shoes very soon or may be I need to retract my initial preorder...
  9. Update - November 2016

    I see the store came up ok. I'm anxious to see how it's designed on the inside....
  10. Update - November 2016

    The anticipation is palpable.
  11. NeverWet

    Hey everyone, I saw that the shoes are machine washable but I was wondering if they are waterproof, and if they aren't necessarily waterproof would applying a product like NeverWet be ok? I'm just curious but if you want to see what I am talking about check http://www.neverwet.com/ .
  12. Update - November 2016

    No December release? Thats ok, I believe in a complete product. I don't want you guys to rush it.
  13. Hardware Update - October 2016

    Interesting product! The fact that it has already been built is an advantage over Shiftwear, but in my opinion the design has a ways to go. Granted I don't have anything else to go on besides this video. I'm not liking the cheap no-color display option one bit, and throwing in the premium edition at the end was very odd. The black or white option concerns me a little in how it may be perceived by consumers. It begs the question, "why only totally black or totally white?" "Why not black AND white? or any other color combination?" It may have been better to go with just one option to start with. I'm interested in how Vixol evolves the shoe and will look into more specifics, for sure.
  14. How about some communications with backers?

    The hardware update was on an early proof of concept, from what Nick explained. I asked if we were going to get an update on the current version of the shoe and was assured it would be coming before the end of December. I'm giving Shiftwear the benefit of the doubt on this one. I feel like they will stay true to the ship date.
  15. Hardware Update - October 2016

    Very cool, thanks for the hardware update man can't wait for the next one. Keep on rockin and don't listen to the naysayers, they just want to see the world burn.