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  1. Hardware Update - October 2016

    Hey guys! We've just posted up our January update with the unveiling of the prototype! You can check it here:
  2. Update - November 2016

    Hey all! Please check out latest update with the unveiling of the prototype, the new website and our second phase of pre-orders here: @Ashe4001 - the new design is not the final design no, and yes you'll be able to change size and other options right up until we start producing / shipping I'll get clarification on the other answers for you too.
  3. Fulfillment Status

    Hey guys, please check out our latest update with the release of the prototype here:
  4. Indiegogo Pre-order question

    Hi @Arman, please e-mail for help with this. Also check out the latest update with news on the launch of the prototype here:
  5. Backers trusting SW

    Check the latest update here for the unveiling of the prototype!
  6. Updates?

    Hey guys, we're truly sorry for the lack of communication, we've been trying to keep things a little quieter while we worked hard to get everything together. We've now released images & videos of the prototype, plus our new website and second phase of pre-orders. You can read about it all here:
  7. Hungry for info!

    Hey @Cbarajas, thank you for your continued support & faith, it's honestly what keeps us going! We've finally released images & videos of the prototype, plus our new website and pre-order phase. Read the full update here: I'm here for any questions you might have
  8. Have you lost the race?

    Hey all, we've just released the prototype images & videos! Read the full update here:
  9. Happy Holidays

    Hey guys! Here's the update that you've all been waiting for!
  10. How about some communications with backers?

    The prototype, website and pre-orders are live! Thanks for all of your patience guys, it means the world to us. You can see our latest update here: We're looking forward to getting your feedback guys
  11. Project Progress

    Hey @WILSON GOMEZ, I've just posted the latest update with the release of the prototype here: Let me know your feedback! George
  12. To all who have loyally supported ShiftWear, So…it’s been a long time coming, but we’re finally ready to unveil our new website, the second phase of pre-orders and, most importantly, an early stage of our prototype! We know that the release of all of this is later than we had originally planned, but we spent the run up to the end of 2016 working round the clock to get everything ready to show you. We’re now pushing ahead with our prototype to perfect it even further. Please read our update on the current version of the prototype here, which we will be changing to match the original design: DESIGN CHANGE. You can see images & videos of the early stage prototype in action here: PROTOTYPE, alongside our new website layout and prototype announcement. We have opened up our second phase of pre-orders here: PRE-ORDER PHASE TWO. Thank you for your loyal support over the last few months, it’s what’s kept us going! We can’t wait to hear what you have to say - it’s your feedback that will help us to shape the prototype as we move forward. As always, if you have any questions, just let me know. We’ll be more readily available on the forums now that we’ve been able to announce everything. While we still have to keep some details under wraps, we’ll answer questions where we can. Everything is new - so if you are having any problems or notice any bugs, please let us know so we can fix them! Best, George
  13. Happy Holidays

    Happy new year guys 2017 is going to be a big one
  14. Update - November 2016

    Happy new year guys - hope you all had a great holidays The update is coming VERY soon...we just want to release everything together in one big chunk so you can see more than just words We're almost there now...we need your support and patience for just a teeny bit longer!
  15. Update - November 2016

    Thanks @bbace21, and happy holidays to everyone else too