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  1. Shoe designs

    All of them.
  2. Shoe designs

    Right ahead of ya.
  3. Shoe designs

    Hello! So I was wondering if we'll get templates like the one i attached to this post (crudely made by me in 1 minute) to make designs fit on the shoe.
  4. where is my shoe

    Yeah I asked them and there should be another Pre-Order Wave this month.
  5. where is my shoe

    Im sorry, but have you read ANY updates or posts on this forum? EDIT: Also if he doesnt want it I'll take it.
  6. Mobile App Concept Designs

    You also could also just release all 3 of them and make a settings option where you can change the app-design.
  7. Pre-Order Waves

    Hey! Just wanted to ask if there already was a second Pre-Order Wave, and if i missed it, is a third one comming?