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  1. Hey Backers, We apologize for the delay on the hardware update as we are trying to focus on multiple things at once. Here is a glimpse into what we have been working on. This is the main display tech that is in development for Shiftwear's product lines. As you can see it supports HD content that is in motion and with beautiful colors. We are closing in on creating a really robust demo that will then get us the support and resources needed to boost the project forward. The most integral part of this whole project is the display and once we perfect that, everything else will fall into place. Wireless tech, processing, controls, power and quality footwear design have all been implemented already. Our main goals now are: 1. Integrating all the parts into a durable package. 2. Scaling the business up so we can move towards production. We are aiming to reach several milestones in November to help us move this project forward. Please stay patient and supportive as we try to get this done. PS: Trust me, wait till you see it in person!