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  1. Backers trusting SW

    Hi fellow Indiegogo Backers and Pre-order customers, I've seen alot of posts around the community displaying an innate and extremely harsh sense of distrust towards the SW team. I want to firstly say I that I definitely am not without my doubts personally; I have done fairly extensive research on the necessary leaps for the core technology of the product, and I have also read endless articles by various media outlets stating that the product could never exist, that SW is a scam ect. I am also not saying that the SW team has done everything perfectly or that I wouldn't love to see real video/pictures of the tech as it is. We, as a group, have already invested. If you invested , like me, as an Indiegogo backer, you may have had much less access to naysayer articles, but they were out for viewing pretty quick, and there is ample information on the technology itself out on the web. We all had opportunity to research the concept before we gave them money, and I would say that preliminary research is a no-brainer when investing period, even more so on a crowdfunding platform such as Indiegogo. My point is that we already decided to give them money, and in that, we decided to trust them with that money. We need to stop tearing the SW team down, and ask questions and gather information with a VERY different attitude. Ask with the intention of learning, not with the intention of tripping them up or with barbed and harsh language. We shouldn't be here to cause the team headaches and problems, we are here to discuss the incredibly innovative product, to ask questions about the product, receive information and updates, to be a SHIFTWEAR COMMUNITY! Stop the inquisition and support the ShiftWear team!