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Ok this is getting a little ridiculous.    I don't want to lose my faith in the promise if an awesome product. However, thus far it's only been words that are not even worth the paper they are not printed on.      If I'm reading things right, there is not even a working prototype yet.   And I could even deal with that IF I had some show of good faith that the product actually IS coming.   New website.......overdue.   Update on any new info......overdue.     And yet I still wait with great anticipation for phase 2 pre-orders to open.      Come on guys..... talk to us!

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Hey @Cbarajas, thank you for your continued support & faith, it's honestly what keeps us going! We've finally released images & videos of the prototype, plus our new website and pre-order phase. Read the full update here:

I'm here for any questions you might have ^_^

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