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Dear Shift wear,

I personally have been emailing Shiftwear for updates or information consistently.  As well as Indiegogo.  There are legal ramifications from Indiegog which will commence if the campaigner David Coelho, does not update it's backers with information as to the progress of the product, and since you have past your due date of production, when the product will actually be produced and sent to it's backers?

I, personally, with as many backers as I can contact, will launch a co-operative press investigation nationally and internationally with all backers perspective countries, into where the money has gone, if the product will be made, and if not, why there has been no refunds given.  

You have a moral and legal obligation to give us a release date or to give us a refund.  I am astonished that this is how Shiftwear treats it's customers who have backed them to get as far as they have already.  

We have trust in the fact the product will be made, and moreover; if we will ever see our money again.  Why does it take this much effort just to get the product we were promised, with the specs that were shown and which we all bought into.

Take responsibility for your company and either give us a release date or give us our money back.

This is extremely pathetic, and simply sad!

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